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Discovery is process of uncovering hidden truth via an intensive and extensive search or research.

Whatever you have failed to discover you can never attempt to reach out for it. No matter how close success or victory might seem to be, if you have not discovered it, you may give up before you approach it or even at the door of your victory. Note that great things are usually not clothe in awesome or appealing apparels. Even the most expensive mineral resource is never in a glittering mode whenever it is extracted not until it is being refined. He who has never discovered himself may never know how far he can go for success to be achieved and this will restrain him from drilling himself for perfect manifestation of his potentials. The step you have failed to take can never lead you to a progressive act in your pursuits; goals are not achieved in a day, it requires a gradual implementation of plans. A dream that is not accurately pursued can never be realised. The toughness of a tendon is never its weakness but a great strength needed for the purpose(s) it serves in human body. Note that “Meekness is never a weakness but a great strength in control.”

Your greatness lies within you. A man once said that ” A young elephant does not need to pray to become big but what it only need to do in order to become big is to keep eating well.” Do not drag your potentials to a remote environment: it may extinguish, hamper the growth or survival of your abilities. Note that if a frog should have its way into a fish and influences it to dive with it to the land surface, the fish will never be able to return to its previous environment if it tarries on the land; Death. Remember that a fish cannot successfully live on the land but a frog can. A frog has the ability to develop both the gills for respiration while in the water and lungs for respiration while on the land; Amphibians. Do not imitate anyone if your potentials are still in their juvenile stage or they are yet immune to vices. Note that a non-smoker erudite that makes friend with a complacent and hardened smoker will surely fall victim of such a smoker’s way of life if cautions are not in proper measure or their relationship is not appropriately defined.

Many people fall victim of failure because they believe that they are disadvantaged at opportunities as a result of their physiques; stature, structure or posture, heights or complexions. Remember that if we are to talk of height or qualification, Saul was in the best position to defeat that uncircumcised Philistine; Goliath, but that ‘Small rat’; David, did. Note that the things that make us relevant are never without but within- things that we can see without hastily vapourise.

It is of utmost importance to state that life will surely become unbearable and threatening to a man that is only relevant before the eyes of his wife because of his wealth if he should lose his job.

There is no doubt to the fact that if Joseph had succumbed to Potiphar’s wife seductive act (secluded or remote environment), may be he wouldn’t have been able to display his analytical and contingency decision making abilities before the king; Pharaoh. Never permit the honey-coated words of men to exterminate the lively potentials within you. Search it out; they are right there within you.

Note that a problem that is yet to be discovered cannot be resolved. Not until you discover the source of a problem, you may not reach out to solving it.

Every man in life is a potential champion but the manifestation of these championship potentials depend upon the realisation, actualization and the optimization of those potentials in the carrier’s life. Validate that which has been given to you by actualizing it. The step you have failed to take can never lead you to a progressive act in your pursuit, therefore success will be scanty. Note that every step you take, everything you do, or every decision you make has an associated cost.



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