Worth: you are more than what you think

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Many people have been deprived of their rights because they don’t know what they are worth. A person that doesn’t know his/her worth will keep running helter-skelter. He who does not know what he is carrying will just be carried away by the perception/deception of others. You are a different person, created for a purpose, too loaded to be carried away by things around you. Note that skilled labours in the labour market are not been paid for the effort used in the production process but for the skill and time used that the purchaser of labour cannot provide themselves with. Note that the worth of every man is rooted in the life they carry. The essence of life becomes meaningless to man once the breath escapes from his nostrils; a living dog is better than a dead man.


Many born kings have remained slaves because they do not have a glimpse of what they were born to become, therefore, they make do with what they think life has presented to them.

In another vein, many of them had a glimpse of what they were to become but they were satisfied being in slavery position because they continually think about the wind they are to face in fighting the course to their destined positions or many of those born kings remain as slave master and yet they are happy with it because they still see people (slaves) under them that run errands for them each time as a slave master. Note that a slave master never prays that his slaves gain their freedom

Your presence might not be valued or appreciated by anyone but one thing is certain that your absence will surely be felt. To an insurance and actuary scientists, the worth of a man’s life is usually determined by the number of lives attached to the man or his wealth; his dependants. To an accountant or banker whenever one is to take loan, the value or worth of one’s life is the value of one’s investment or collateral security one is able to provide or one’s source(s) of income compare to the loan one is taking. To a generation of people, the worth of one’s life is determined by the amount of impact one is to make on lives or the amount of things that must be achieved that lives might be blessed from it or through it. I usually wonder many a time whenever I hear about different kinds of suicidal act engaged in by people nowadays. My thought is always that, do these people think their lives are only important to themselves? They have forgotten about the the numerous souls that their lives are worth more than a billion dollars to and just that singular act of theirs is capable of aborting the vision of many lives and generations simply because they lack PERSEVERANCE.

Note that an article cannot be priced more than what people (the buyer) think it is worth. Even if there has been a wrong conception about what they think you are because of your past mistakes (you might have fell victim of different kinds of flaw which might have painted a wrong picture of who you are in the mind of your audience), then try to improve on yourself that a true image of your personality can be revealed.

Your life carries value: do not be and extravagant son or daughter, spend it prudently! There are lots of personalities that are interested in your life which includes: God, Devil and Generations of men.


  •  Discover yourself

Everybody in life has been endowed with different potentials that will make them to be successful but many people will keep struggling in as much as they cannot search into their lives and discover that which the lord has deposited into their own life to do exploits. Your greatness lies within you, dig it out!

  •  Conduct a SWOT analysis test

SWOT analysis is only an abbreviation of four different things namely: S-strength, W-weakness, O-opportunity, and T-threat. Make a critical evaluation of whatever thing you might wish to embark on and try to understand where your strength lies, know the extent of your weakness, the opportunity that such potential(s) can give you/expose you to, and also the possible threat that can arise in the nearest future{e.g. advancement in technology}

  • Upgrade yourself always

Do not only depend on the little idea you’ve gotten alone but also seek a better way of doing such things. Always try to make yourself different; even if competition arise(s). Constant advancement in technology has posed much responsibility on man and makes it inevitable for them to perpetually upgrade themselves. If you are not up to date, you will be out of date.

  • Open up yourself to learning

Be ready to learn always. Whenever you see people that are into the same thing you do, but doing something you have never ever think of with that same thing you are doing {i.e. innovation}, never feel ashamed to move close(r) to them and learn from them. In the world we dwell in, man is a rational being and their needs rapidly changes and this signifies that there is a need to constantly understand man in their respective environment in other to adequately meet their needs.



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