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A day encounter with the lord is capable of turning many years of difficult situation or toiling around totally. Not until when we’ve identified the gap or discrepancy between us and the architect of our lives, no effort will be made for reconciliation; “When the mind is willing, the way is opened.” When the mind of one’s audience is prepared, acceptance becomes very easy. There is no future in the past and there is no past in the future. If you are not appointed by God, you will surely be disappointed by mere mortals. God can by no means reduce his standard because of any man but the only thing He requires of every man is to long to rise to operate at His own standard.

God cannot bless whosoever he has cursed. For your blessing to come from the lord, then your way must please the lord. You can never call God wrongly and think he is going to answer you; never! A person that has not given adequate time to the word of the truth cannot know how to rightly divide the word of the truth. It takes consistency, diligence and total surrender-ness to be approved of God. Man cannot perfectly work in the way he knoweth not.

When God is not involved, man will be disturbed and end up being roughened but when God is invited into a situation, man will be honoured and therefore be called the beloved. No one has ever had business with the father and ends up being ashamed; god is not an author of confusion. Man cannot do it alone; there is need for a helping hand.


Irrespective of the environment you find yourself, live a life that is worthy of emulation, no matter the amount of decadence in such a perverse milieu. There is a Latin Maxim called Nemo dat quod non habet meaning you cannot give what you do not possess or have. This simply connotes that if you do not have life you cannot give life or make events lively. An overflowing electron of life in man is what people around them see as ENTHUSIASM that their lives reflect.

Your attitude can never be different from that of the company you keep because the kind of company you keep is capable of influencing your attitude directly or indirectly. Note that all men are not to be your friend, as some just have to remain your acquaintance. It is better not to come across some people in life let alone getting to know them better and making them your friends. The reason being that you might not be strong enough to drag them to the altar of God and they might eventually succeeded in dragging you to their pit and you end up perishing with them

Do not compare yourself with anyone because there will always be a conspicuous vacuum in your identity. Note that you might be age mates but you might not be grace mates; what someone does and go scot-free, you might embark on it and lose your life. Although human are seen as the same before God, nevertheless, our levels of intimacy with him determine the position we occupy in his purposes or chamber. Do not jettison your innate ability because you see your friend succeeding in his own field; you might not know the price that he/she had paid before he/she could get to such level. Even if you wish to incorporate other skills, ensure that you’ve developed your innate abilities to their full stature.


  • Eligibility

Age is never a factor in determining who is qualified to be blessed of the lord. He blesses whosoever pleases him to bless. The position one is occupying in the chamber of the lord is never a determinant for God’s blessing. Worldly offer could stipulate the age range an individual must fall between before he can be considered for the offer but note that mundane things are never the way of being qualified for God’s blessings.

  • Do not make yourself a superman

Whenever man undertakes task that is meant to be done by several people, alone, overtime, because of the reward attached to doing it, they will surely suffer for it. Introducing and involving others to matters at stake does not translate to mean that the person is lazy. When a task is being broken down into parts and each individual of the group understands the part to be taken by them effectively, turnout increases geometrically.

  • Invite the I Am

With God nothing will be impossible. Many lives tend towards failure when he/she attempts to displace the knowledge of God; little will man be able to do.



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