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Do not hastily jump into conclusion about people’s actions or inactions. Note that human’s behaviours are caused. There is always a reason behind every said behavior that every individual put up at every point in time and this could be as a result of their previous experience(s), various situations or happenings around them, or their current state of mind. There is virtually no one that will be asked that will not have something to say in other to justify any or every of their behavior; human are never stranded of words.

Also, it is worthy of note that judging people’s behavior from afar might make one to have an erroneous perception or conception of their personality- you cannot truly know what an individual is or what they stand for except by critical examination of their life and this can only be done by drawing a bit close(r) to them.

Note that whenever you are judging people from afar, one’s sense of reasoning is capable of being beclouded by sentiments. Many people have been forced to retract from some people even in some communities because of what they heard about them from other inhabitants of the same community and this has invariably debars many from approaching the point of success because they suddenly developed a conclusive thought about those people from what they heard; they never even made effort to know how true those things they’ve heard were. It is usually a pity because many of those people that the words of men had made them retracted from might actually be the one that the lord has chosen to orchestrate the event that will catapult them into the attainment of the purpose of their existence on planet “Earth”, therefore, they remain unyielding or unfruitful.

Note that nurturing an obnoxious perception about an individual can results into different things which can make one’s spirit unhealthy and this includes: hatred, malice, evil conception, isolation, segregation…

In any information received, there is usually a formation of structure in the mind of the recipients and this usually forms the bulk of our perception about events or any individual either close by or afar. If the information received is incomplete or incorrect, then there will surely be a wrong formation of structure which might as well leads to a wrong conclusion or an obnoxious conception about an individual or events.

When you fail to give in to the words of men to dictate the extent to which you can freely relates with fellow human, then you will observe that the joy in your heart will know no bound. Note that an individual that only derives her satisfaction, motivation, or emotional stability from seeing himself/herself around people or people around him/her; social affiliation, will seem bereaved of the things that gives him/her joy or satisfaction when the words of men seem like a barricade that restricts or dictates his/her movements because they tend to influence him/her to relate with others the same way they do even when he/she is not contented with it.

Humans usually seem doldrum whenever they are bereaved of the most important things to them. Note that inconsistent conclusion could be so deadening such that many a time, it results into a very conspicuous vacuum between people e.g. friends, relatives, business partners e.t.c.



Misconceptions, assumptions and unwarranted conclusions have made things to fall apart in many relationships of today. Silence in many relationships have been misinterpreted to mean forgetfulness and this has led to the deadly end of many relationships. Learn to sieve every information you get before you draw up conclusion so that you can hold unto fact; conclude not too soon! Facts are empirical while truths are contestable. Note that truths are usually personal conviction. The perspective from which you are seeing an issue will determine how true it is to you. E.g. the fact that your partner now returns home late from work these days does not connote that there is a skeleton in his/her bag; ask questions, do not assume! As a partner in any relationship, it is crucial that you come out plain. Never attempt to justify your wrong, it elongates issues. Note that a fault confessed is half redressed.. The basic two things that are usually very important to be present in any relationship for it not to experience an acrimonious era are: the rule of no secret and no lie. Whenever you fail to give room to any element of suspicion as a result of you evading anything that your partner might see as you keeping secrets or telling lies, then there will be a constant and a corroborative efforts towards the promotion of mutual interests and benefits. Note that irrelevant conclusions can make partners drift away from each other or one another systematically.


Assumptions could be both critical and erroneous. Note that every assumption usually have a weighty element of doubts because assumptions are usually hypotheses drawn on people’s actions and inactions which are still subject to test. Remember that devil usually have a replica of everything man terms good that comes from God and its capable of appealing to our senses of reasoning and therefore going about with a mentality that everything good comes from God. Yes! But I will like you to note that good things as well proceeds from devil but it is only the way it is being packaged that makes it different.

Do not permit enthusiasm to engulf your sense of reasoning such that you displace the knowledge of God in every good thing that comes your; it could be a bait from Satan, scrutinize them, never assume or conclude that it stems from God.



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