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According to the English mini dictionary application, “Prayer can be regarded as a request for help or expression of thanks made to God.” It can also be regarded as an instrument that connects the terrestrials to the divinity- this is a form of communication between the earthly and the heavenly being. Prayer can also serves as a shield that covers someone and prevents one from any evil occurrence. Prayer can also be regarded as a tool for gathering power but taking of action helps in the utilization of the power gathered in prayer overtime.

No one prays for employment and keeps hiding himself/herself and hastily get a paid employment- it really takes a new dimension of grace. Machete sharpened overtime but not being used will eventually get rust as time begins to pass over it. It is worthy of note that power doesn’t display itself except you put it into use through your faith. Faith makes man to act courageously even when there is no glimmer of hope.

A person that doesn’t know how to pray is totally exposed to danger. A slothful individual is vulnerable to any attack; either internal or external. Anyone that doesn’t know how to pray will surely become a prey to the devil. Note that prayers unlock mysteries. A ground-breaking success ia usually not an accidental achievement- it ia worthy of note that it is a function of hard work coupled with an accumulated effort of relentless prayers. Although, prayer is said to be boring, tiring, and consuming energy, but the fact remains that the result is always everlasting provided the effort is being sustained. If you quit your pursuits, nemesis will catch up with you.


  • Prayer is never an instrument to cover up one’s indolence:

Many people failed to succeed in life because they saw prayer and fasting as potent instruments to cover up their laziness; it does not work that way. Prayer is never a one-time event. Whenever one prays, instructions follows which will surely demand another sets of action. Study sturdily and also guard yourself with prayer and this will amount to a synergistic energy which will eventually translate to a sustainable growth.

If you fail to walk with God, things might fail to work for you and you might end up being the next target for devil to work upon. Many people have missed the track in life because their minds are not opened to the truth and this will make them to continuously wallow in obscurity not until when they know the truth and it sets them free. When man fails to receive the truth, he or she automatically remains foolish because the only thing that cam make him wise is the knowledge of the truth.

Do not parade yourself to be a religious person but rather a spiritual one. Note that the atrocities that the entire world is facing today are caused by religious people e.g. The Sadducees and Pharisees conspired to kill Jesus even in the house of a priest, the Boko-Haram insurgence currently facing Nigeria and lots more even in several parts of the world.

  • Do not be an extravagant son or daughter

Power gathered overtime and not utilized makes the effort of gathering power fruitless. God discharges grace upon man whenever they pray. The only way to proof that the prayers have been answered is by making a move but a person that refuses to do that might end up not recording any success or still find himself/herself in the same spot. God respects the prayer of the righteous.

  • Reach out to men

Many people outside there pine for the knowledge of the truth but there has been no one to tell them. You have the truth that can set them free, having prayed to God, but you withhold it by refusing to tell them. What you consistently do is you praying to God to show them the truth. Are you therefore telling God that you can’t be used for his purpose? It is a rhetorical question. Praying for revolution can not only solve the problem but we also need to play our own role by permitting the revolution to start through.



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