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Do not say no to difficulties because it is meant to bake someone, but whenever it appears on your way, don’t feel depressed, what you need do is to work hard and pray fervently in order to surmount it. Many people are fond of evading difficulties because they never want to get hurt, without them knowing that he who run away from difficulties run away from his greatness. Never quit your pursuit because of oppositions; go through it because you might never be presented with such opportunity again. Note that difficulties keep one abreast of how important and viable one’s pursuit is.

Difficulties in life are temporal issues if one knows how to address it, because everything in life cannot always be like a bed of roses. Whatever negative experience you are passing through now is transient, do not lose hope and get yourself involved in ungodly things; committing suicide. What you need do is to work hard, pray rigorously, and seek the lord in all your ways and you shall end well. Today might be stormy, boring, crushing, sunny, scorching, cloudy, and rowdy but be optimistic about tomorrow that it is going to be radiant, pleasant, brilliant, and elegant because our God has the best for us.
Never be dejected because of any form of criticism. A person that is destined to go higher must face a serious opposition. If you have been not faced with a serious opposition, it means you have never embarked on good things.
Do not be discouraged about your present situation because every known winner on earth has once been faced with different challenges.


  •  Strategist

Difficulties are meant to bring out the best in us because in the course of looking out for a lasting solution for our acclaimed ‘difficulties’, it tends to make us an innovator and through this we end up becoming a strategist, provided we are able to resolve it.

Whenever there is glory, there will also be a story because before gold could become a precious material, it has passed through a wild and wide fire. For any glory to be called ‘a mighty one’, it must have been refined before it can be defined as one. Difficulties surface per time to bake us into maturity for a new level of glory, not to break us.

  • Worth


The worth of a man’s heart is made known in the time of his trial. If you profess to be a strong man, trying times will surely reveal. Difficulties refine and define man. By refining, it means that difficulties break man and remove excesses in man’s life while by defining it means that difficulties help man to discover his strength in dealing with situations of the same semblance. “Note that hard times never last but strong people do last”

  •  Greatness


Note that before wine could come out of the nut, it must be hardly pressed. You cannot fold your arm and say that you are going to win. In your approach to your assignment in life, you have to be militant. Problems surmounted pave way for a new level of greatness. Face your challenges- He who run away from problems, run away from his destiny. Diverse of things will come your way in which you must overcome before you can triumph. No one can be called a victor except he/she has been able to conquer the battle before him/her. Yours can never be an exception; you cannot experience a sustainable promotion if you have not been examined and certified.

  •  Thorns in relationships

Many people get it wrong by saying they will harm themselves whenever they suffer break-ups or hardships in relationships. Note that if you are successful in taking your life, people will only mourn you just for few days and they will finally forget about you or if you finally succeed in injuring yourself and a notable part of your body is damaged, then you will observe that no one is ready to settle down for a physically impaired person when there are other alternatives. Note that if the person is truly meant for you, he/she wouldn’t have left you or maybe you have approached the right person at the wrong time. When you approach the right person at the wrong time, you will never have a successful relationship.

If you dabble into relationships when you are yet matured; emotionally, mentally, financially, physically, and spiritually, you might be hooked up in the middle of the journey. Note that physical maturity or age factor is never a major determinant in entering into a relationship as you might be physically fit as well as age might favour you and yet you are unable to manage a relationship successfully.



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