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Thieves without mask

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A thief is a person that remorselessly carts away the belongings of others whether or not they have the item. An average thief is usually desirous of his goals.

No matter how unimportant or unattractive an item might seem to be to the possessor or the owner so long as it attracts the attention of a person with the virtue of stealing and the item finally gains his/her acceptance, it will surely be stolen. Note that facial look/expression or tattered dressing is never a potent instrument in determining those that are deeply rooted in the ability to steal. Decent dressing never exonerate someone from being called a thief so long as the person has the ability to manipulate people’s mind in order to obtain their belongings and make it theirs.


Thieves are usually known for some major assignments whenever they approach any location and these assignments are:

  •  To Steal

Any time a gang of thieves or a thief approach (es) any location something will surely be missing and tears will become the order of the day rolling down the face of the recipients. Thieves do not come with the mindset of making friends with the recipients, although many a time, they come in form of a mole or an attitudinal impostor in order for the recipient to reveal the salient information needed by them to carry out an unconstrained execution of their assignments. Thieves steal anything they find precious to themselves whether or not it is precious to the owner or the owner values it, once they find it stealable, they steal it.

Note that whatever you do not have an explicitly defined access to or you do not own but you take it by force or with force or without the awareness or permission of the owner and thereby preventing the owner from making use of it is stealing. Note that anyone you make friend or relate with and you observe that those virtues that will make you go far and wide in life is missing is a thief, evade them. Be cautious of the kind of people you mingle with. Anybody you mingle with and you observe that your zeal for your pursuits is experiencing a retrogressive growth, or as a students, your zeal for excellence or success is experiencing a diminishing return the more you get closer to the person , please retract from them, they are thieves! Note that the presence of a thief connotes loss of valuables.

  •  To kill and destroy

Many lives have been seriously wounded because they fell into the hands of thieves that they called “Lover.” Even if the wounds are healed, they will still be left with scar. It is pertinent to this discussion to note that some thieves do not only come to steal but also to kill and destroy. Their own mission is not only to cart away one’s treasures or belongings but also to kill the carrier or owner of those belongings because their believe is that if the owner should regain his/her strength, he/she will surely come back to claim his/her rights. Thieves are usually prepared to do anything in order to accomplish their goals. This analogy depicts the terrain that individual person trends upon each day. Some, theirs are thieves that steal while to some their thieves are the ones that either kill or destroy. Never imitate anyone. Note that we are posed with different challenges. Some have the ability to annihilate if not properly taken care of while some also have the ability to redirect one’s focus.


  •  Thieves in relationship

Whenever a thief is present in a relationship, there won’t be any form of respect for the wish of either partner. The partner that is said to be a thief in a relationship will prioritize his interest over the feelings of others. He/she will never care about the feelings of others. All that he/she knows is getting his/her wish accomplished at the expense of the feelings of others. The joy of such a relationship usually looks so vague (unreal) such that one party will be happy because he/she is fulfilled while the other party will be emotionally jejune because he/she is emotionally stabbed. This kind of relationship can be called a “Parasitic relationship” or a “Predatory relationship” because only one party successfully benefits from such relationships while the other party may survive with serious wounds that will require serious medical attention or may be recorded dead when they are unable to bear the pain. Pains and agony multiplies in several relationships today because they ended up in the hands of “thieves” but they never realize that thieves are never born with the virtue of caring because they are only bent on accomplishing their wish and once this is achieved, they will surely desert the other partner. Do not send your heart on a journey while your brain is left behind, when the resultant effect shows forth your brain will surely face the music.

  •  Thieves in one’s pursuits

A thieve is never ashamed of any form of public disgrace. Anyone you dialogue with for long and you observe that the discussion is dominated by how to satisfy the needs of other party but he/she never mentioned how yours too will be attended to, such a person is a thief. They are bent on using you to achieve their purpose(s) and once that is fully achieved, they will surely discharge or dump you. Some might even paint the discussion so well that you may see the way it’s going to benefit you, although pseudo information, do not let such captivate your heart so that your heart won’t experience a continuous or severe breaking like one is breaking bread. A student that is never ashamed of his/her failure (failure that comes as a result of his/her inconsistency) and such a person with his/her tricks sneaks into you and makes you his/her friend , and gradually dragging you into his/her way of life which debars you from chasing your pursuits wholeheartedly is a thief, flee. You may end up becoming a reputable failure. Poverty is a perfect example of a thief. it steals joy, abilities, ideas and even if there are ideas, there will never be ability to execute it. Poverty had stricken many lives such that they are left tattered; stolen beauty. Many people had a lot of impeccable ideas but poverty had succeeded in stealing their abilities in executing them.

Finally, note that whenever you condition people to submissively submit their hard-earned resources to you without reluctance is nothing but being a thief.



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