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The Secret of Greatness

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Do not wait till something strikes you before you run, it is wiser to start now than to wait till something strikes you. This is simply because a wise person does at first what the fools do last. This is the best time for you to start, do not wait till you get much advantage. The secret of going far in life is starting a little. There is no one with a destined point without a starting point. If you wait till when you get an extremely great opportunity before you commence, you might end up doing nothing. Even as good as an architectural design is, there is a starting point. Stop making a molehill out of the mountain of your problems; many people before your existence have also experienced what you are going through. Take an advantage of time because time is never your friend.

It is those that cannot do any of the things you are doing that will criticize you or your work the most. Never give them any attention; they will only get you distracted so that you won’t come out of the situation in flying colours. Note that even if the situation is not palatable, just encourage yourself and ride on, believing that someday, you shall reap the fruit of your labour. If you don’t know what you want, then, everything that comes your way and are decisively glittering will always interest you to have/ be thy food. Human are rational beings that are usually driven by goals. Human tastes are different; it varies from person-person, family- family etc. Many people have become an enemy of what they want to be in life because situations of life have come in place to re-structure it to be what they will never in their life for once think of or settle down for. A number of those set of people too usually keep mum and never look out for a way to turn their challenges to opportunity and they thereby call it “fates of life.”

Past experiences can become a serious thorn in a newly established relationship if one fails to discard it off one’s memory; although it might be difficult to be totally obliterated but is never impossible. Note that negative thinking brings about sorrows and depressions. When one keep juxtaposing relationships by comparing and contrasting one’s experiences, one will only end up hurting oneself. Do not open up dry wounds, let what you have experienced in the past be your past because if you fail to do so, those experiences might succeed in holding you down or preventing you from taking an advantage of further opportunities that might be exposed unto you. Note that any experience (be it negative or positive) we have in life makes us wiser and swifter in responding to any related situations we might be presented with in the future. Experience is one of the bedrocks of knowledge.


  • Past experience prepares one for likely future occurrences

Every negative experience that one’s past relationships (Business or friendship) had taken one through cannot be totally called ‘A mess’ because it would have indirectly passed some messages across to you on how to manage your successive relationships I.e. in every mess, there is a message. Learn from your past mistakes and ensure you identify what made the previous relationship turn sore if you do not want to experience a recurring event. Note that every game has its own rule and the rule in one game might not be applicable in the other. Do not assume in relationships; try to understand the rule of the game so that what happened in your previous relationships will not repeat itself. Human are never the same; never attempt to jump into conclusion that they are the same and as such, you start treating them alike; you will surely have problem with them.

  • Past experience is never a barricade

Do not worry about people in your past; there is a reason they do not make it to your future. Note that everything happens in life for a reason and if the reason had been foreknown, you wouldn’t have felt too bad. Experience can serve as radar to the future; it has a way of navigating one’s journey towards becoming what one is destined to become if it is accurately managed.



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