The Seasons of Life

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The earth is composed of several seasons that make it beautiful. Seasons of the earth are natural. They come and go but they never last long. There are virtually no artificial interpretations to every season of the earth we mortals enjoy constantly on the planet “Earth.” Likewise, no mere mortal can ever by their own acquired wisdom or power influence any season of the earth because they are usually naturalistic in nature. Human can only by their wisdom forecast or predict how each season is going to be. Each season has a purpose for which it has been designed in which must be achieved before it eventually leads to another.

The way each season rolls into the planet “Earth” is never premeditated by mere mortals but it was orchestrated by divinity. No one can make you rich except you have been destined to be rich. Even if a person is placed inside the central bank of a country, for as long as he is being stricken by poverty mentality, being at a spot will be considered more conducive to him than taking a step forward.

Every season has its preconceived purpose(s) ordained by the creator. Irrespective of how people might clamoured during each season, whether for too much heat or cold, it will never subside its ability until it has fully accomplished its purpose(s). Every season has its blessing as well as its challenges. Note that, the fact that the sun discharges its warmness to the earth or that it rained cat and dog during the day does not precludes the moon from smiling at the earth at night; they are designed for different purpose(s). The Pisces, the Amphibians, and the Crustaceans dive easily because of the overflowing of water during raining season so also are the birds fly with a heart-felt joy when there is no rain or dry season because of the bright weather, nevertheless, nature has a way of balancing things for individual creature.

Hard times they say, is the determinant of a strong person but I would rather say the way individual person responds to difficult situations will determine how strong they are or will be.


Let’s examine a particular fruit tree called palm tree in relation to some seasons of the planet ‘Earth.’

A palm tree requires an effective or adequate supply of water which could be provided through rain for it to grow a reasonable amount of palm nuts which could be used for both palm oil and palm kernel. Sometimes when rain falls, it falls heavily coupled with wind which is capable of pulling down the trees. Despite the fact that rain is needed for the survival of a palm tree, it still comes with the risk of uprooting the trees. But this signifies that any tree that is going to benefit from the presence of the rain must grow a sturdy root in order to withstand the risk of being uprooted by the storm. Immediately the rain ceases, scorching sun takes charge and this signifies that the season is gradually tending towards dry season. This scorching sun is as well needed by the palm tree to get the palm nuts ripe but it might sometimes be too harsh such that the palm tree might begin to shed leaves because of the limited supply of water in this period. But this signifies that for such a tree to survive it must develop some elements within it that are capable of conserving water.

Finally, the Yorubas (A tribe in the western part of Nigeria) believe that for them to derive a reasonable amount of palm oil from its nut there must be a reasonable amount of harmattan which might as well be harsh for the palm tree. All these afore-mentioned seasons in relation to the palm tree are required in order for mankind to get a reasonable amount of food from it. Note that there is virtually no human on this planet “Earth” that won’t go through these seasons. Any amount of effort one might make in order to evade any of those seasons will only lead one to encountering a hard hit of one’s head against the rock.

This period of your life might be your raining season, learn to develop a long and sturdy root in order withstand every seemingly windy or stormy situations. Also, try to develop a conservative bark because this will serve as a provision against the period that there might be limited ‘water’ supply. Note that it won’t rain forever and it cannot last long. Do not eat with all hands, as you might end up having nothing to fall back upon; it sucks. This time might be your dry season, note that even if it tarries, it will surely end one day because it has a predetermined time. But note that the development of a conservative bark helps in guarding against shrinking that might be caused by the scorching sun. Also, the long and sturdy root will help in getting water from the deepest part of the earth even when others are fizzling out. Shedding of leaves (i.e. removal of excesses) is also one of the strategies adopted by the trees in dealing with this situation and it is well applicable to human lives. Note that dry season had not come to destroy man but to remove excesses that can prevent one from being light in weight in order to be the light of the world.

Lastly, you might look so scruffy, tattered and unpresentable such that people even desert you in your harmattan period or season. Note that it does not last forever as well. As soon as the rain commences, the situation will surely subsides and situation will come back normally. Irrespective of how sound or good an economy might be or seem to be, they will surely experience a recessionary period one day but their long and sturdy root coupled with the conservative bark they have developed overtime will help them to ameliorate the complexity of such season. Never let your own be an exception because season comes and go; it does not last forever.
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