Parents: The seen gods

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No matter how eagle flies, eagle will still have to come back to the earth for its daily meal because there is nothing in the air that can be consumed by the eagle. Many have seen themselves to be too old to be chastened; pampering will only make you decay and not fit for use or even useful to anyone. Always remember that no matter how wealthy, popular, or even brilliant you might seem to be, parents are still known for repository of experiences that is pertinent to the continuous relevance of men. Do not see your parents as your last resort i.e. you wait till every other things fail before you get them involved. Although, it is good to be secretive, but making of hay is not meant for the raining season. Many parents also have left the duty of training their children to their school teachers but unknown to them that the teachers will only give them academic instructions and teachings while the parents are meant to give them moral and godly instructions. Note that moral and godly instructions are not only meant for immediate satisfactions but also a life-oriented rather than being a mere cognitive-oriented. Whether you train your children or not, they will surely take over from you one day; what will their lives reflect when you are no more on the field. Note that only children well groomed and nurtured morally, academically and in the way of the lord will become godly and successful leaders tomorrow.

Mothers have a very indelible impact in the lives of children. The greatness or doom that a child’s lives reflect perpetually lies with the parents but most especially mothers.


  • Do not be a lover of today’s world

A lover of today’s world will always see their parents as “old-fashioned.” Although, it is true that things are constantly changing but do not be swept away by it. I am not a proponent of an antique lifestyle, but modesty should override every of your desire at all times. The kind of doctrine you give yourself to will determine the kind of light you will reflect or the kind of fruits you will produce as a tree. Note that our level of obedience will surely determine the amount of success we will record in our lifetime. Remember that whatever you might want to go through in life, your parents (earthly or heavenly) could foresee the end thereof because they are known to be a repository of knowledge. Never attempt to sacrifice your life or destiny on the altar of sympathy. The kind of people you associate/ mingle with is capable of determining who you are.

  •  Template

The template of one’s journey can only be received in the temple. Many parents had misled their children today because they are far away from the temple. It is only those that could foreknow what is going to become of their children that will make substantial efforts to train them accordingly and this will equally amount to a substantial success.

  •  Prior knowledge

Many children failed to fulfill destiny because they do not have the mantle for their mandate or their parents too do not have a clue of their mission on the planet “Earth” in order to guide and guard them accordingly. Many children have taken things that are abominable to their glory because there was no one that understands their purpose and could caution them not to take such because those things could serve as hindrance to their manifestation.

Many parents also tend to withhold their children from becoming what they long to become because they never even have just a clue of their children’s mandate. Any parent that understands the mystery of being a priest will never permit anything to displace them from the temple. Most parents have taken challenges they are going through as a major excuse for their displacement from the place of their calling and whenever God comes to attend to their needs, they are nowhere to be found. Even, some people fail to know that their place of calling is the major source for God to connect to them and they give in to challenges and this eventually displace them from the central plan of God.

  • Never attempt to juxtapose

Irrespective of how far and wide one might have gone or will go in life, parents will still be parents. Never attempt to juxtapose your wife with your parents, it could be misleading; note that they hold different positions in your life. No matter how good and honest a mother might seem to be to her son, she can never occupy the position of being his wife and the same applies to the father being the husband of her daughter. If such should happen, it would either be termed MOLESTATION or RAPE. Note that the role a father or mother plays as a parent the spouse might not be able to play a half of it and vice versa, depending on the situation.

Many couples of this century have problems in their marriages because they tend to place their parents over their spouse or their spouse over their parents. Do not disclose what is meant to be between you and your spouse to your parents because such an act connotes that you disrespect your spouse and likewise never attempt to disclose what is meant to be between you and your parents to your spouse because that could turn your parents to a laughing stock in the sight of your spouse.

How do we now know those exclusive details? First, understanding is needed, understanding of the situation and the personalities of different parties if they heard and what their response is going to be. We then have to keep some details from some people to sustain peace among many people. In other words, a spouse is an interlink between the parents and the other spouse.

  •  Acknowledge the utmost parent

Anything done in contrary to His instruction will result in condemnation; you can’t do without Him. No one can perfectly interprets the design of a building other than the architect of the building. If you want to continuously feed this generation with mysteries, your connection must be intact.



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  1. Samuel Oladimeji Kuye

    April 6, 2016 at 8:20 am

    Tomorrow's world is what is handed over to children today. It's a surprise that little children play with fire these days and many parents are indulgent. In fact many are the one leading the children to fire. How many parents buy rags for their children, and how many parents buy undies or night/bed-time wears for their children to wear about is a galling misery of this generation's legacy to the coming one.

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