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Man’s purpose is a driving force within him; it navigates man’s direction. When a man fails to understand his purpose, everything that comes his way seems to be pleasing to him. If a man fails to have a clearly defined purpose, the set goals of others therefore becomes a driving force to such a man’s life and his life will gradually tends towards “I support.” At this stage, intraprenuership should not be misinterpreted to mean a man without purpose. A man without purpose lives for everything and dies for nothing; they are satisfied with every situation they are presented with; amoebic life.

If you refused to locate your audience, you might end up being silenced for life. If you did not understand your purpose, you might never attempt to reach out to your audience. Never drag destinies to abattoir. Your purpose in life is not for everyone. Note that men can actually walk your journey with you but they can never walk it for you; men can actually encourage you in the course of carrying your cross but they can never carry it for you. If you do not have any reason that guides your existence, you may never have any success record in life. Bear in mind that a man that does not live for something can never die for anything.


  • What is your purpose?

Many people in life had left the place of their calling for other things with the mindset that there is a path leading to their destined point that is quite shorter than the one they are following, and this many a time, results into deviation from their real purpose. They are usually known for achieving trivial things that are of little or no value and honour compared to what they’ve been called unto. You were chosen for selected people. Many people that have attempted to leave their purpose(s) for other things usually live a shadow of themselves. A man that has failed in the area of identifying his purpose may never materialize because all his effort to make things work out fine will only amount to a square peg in a round hole ( some will be able to maintain it for a while but they will never be able to sustain it). No matter how minute your purpose might seem to be to you, it is capable of resuscitating or crippling lives if it is or not properly followed.

  •  Purpose entails discipline

For any purpose to be achieved, discipline must strictly be in place. Even if man perfectly understood his purpose without effective self-discipline, success might be far from realization. For there to be an undisputed realization of one’s predetermined goals (i.e. effectively and efficiently) in spite of limitations or constraints, man must learn to deprive himself of certain pleasures with the hope that what he is going through or about to go through is ephemeral. Note that all things are permitted by law but not all things are profitable. Anyone that has something great to achieve in life must not be reluctant to live a sacrificial life; he must learn to forgo some things in order for some things that will catapult him to greater level to show forth e.g. food, sleep, and money e.t.c.

  • Be sociable

Man should not totally isolate himself from others; man needs them to survive. Do not be overzealous, people are needed around you. Note that you might not be alone but you might be lonely when you fail to mingle with the right type of people or the set of people that are needed to get your purpose established. That doesn’t translate to mean that one should start making friends as much as one can even though when such is not needed. Note that too many friends can lead to a confusing or conflicting advice which will only complicate rather than solving matters.

  • Never live a cruel life

In your journey to locate your audiences, lots of people will definitely come across you and will demand or desire your help. Never be reluctant to render the needful help. In your attempt to achieve your purpose, it is good to carry people of like-minds along with you so that they can give you the needed support when such is needed. Never be devilish but you may be militant in your approach to get your purpose fulfilled.

Search out your audience: they are hidden; you have to unravel their location yourself. When man fails this above stated purpose success might be difficult to achieve if not impossible.



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