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Appreciation leads to acquisition but what you fail to appreciate will surely depreciate. Note that you cannot have what you do not appreciate (because you can never make effort to reach out for it) and even if you struggled it out to have it, you will lose it within a short while because those that value it more than you will surely look for a way to get it out of your hands and since it means nothing to you, you will freely give it out without any remorse or reluctance. Learn to appreciate always, do not be an ingrate. Look for something to thank God for in every of your situation: irrespective of how critical you might think your situation is, some still aspire that theirs too be like yours. If you show gratitude for the past, then, it grants you access to getting a new thing. A man that complains of insufficiency always will never know how invaluable the privilege of staying alive is until they lose it. Everything surrounding man is worth thanking God for; man daily works and walks in the shadow of death but God in His infinite mercy continually preserves man.


  • Exalt not

Until when man stop giving unduly reverences to their so called “challenges”, it will be difficult if not impossible for them to live a life of appreciation. Man has to see his/her challenges as if they never exist and this is the only key to living a life of appreciation. Challenges have blindfolded many, preventing them from seeing the glory that is ahead of them. Whenever man gives unduly reverences to his problems, they become double, but whenever he looks at it like it never exist (believing God that if it is God’s will, then it is His bill), then, the challenges become bubbles. Challenges are only a reflection of the unquantifiable glory that is ahead; be wise enough to see it, never let the devil cheat or take an advantage of you by loading your mind with obnoxious thoughts.

  •  Appreciate yourself

A man that fails to appreciate himself will continuously depreciate in value and will in turn results in low/trifle self-esteem. The thoughts of others will surely override such a man’s desire and therefore leaving him with no will. Others around him will always be seen as threat to him because of his lack of contentment. Note that judging oneself base on people’s opinion will result in a catastrophic self-esteem. Giving people the privilege to impose their opinions about you on you will make your train to move off the track. See yourself as a ruler; never underestimate what God can do through you because that’s the only key to living a fulfilled and peaceful life.

  • Natural Laws

Natural laws obey conventional wisdom but spiritual laws do not have regard for human reasoning.

Natural laws believe that ‘Seeing is believing’ I.e. we cannot believe that things can happen not until we see it happen or we only believe in what we can see but spiritual laws operate on the contrary and it states that ‘Believing is seeing’ I.e. Our faith is a major instrument needed to concretize that which we are yet to see or receive. If we totally operate on natural laws, appreciation might become an issue of the past.

Intrinsic Values

Appreciation possesses some intrinsic values. When even workers are not appreciated, they get demotivated; when children are not appreciated by parents (I.e. any mistake made by them automatically makes every of their right hitherto wrong), they get distracted and many thereby become an epitome of failure because they are afraid of making mistakes; if knowledge is not appreciated in an economy, inventions become scanty and thereby leaving the economy underdeveloped; when leaders are not appreciated, they get frustrated and lives will be imparted wrongly or negatively.



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