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In a place where unity is in a defect, achievement remains scanty. For there to be a sustainable growth and development in any society, group or any place, there must be an unfettered unity. To be united or to have a unity of direction does not mean that some members of a group are being enslaved by the thought of other members of the group but their ideology is that the idea or suggestion they are agreeing to, which forms the bulk of their directions, is the right path leading to the attainment of their desired state. It does not also connotes that the opinion of a single individual member of the group dominates the entire group and thereby making such an individual an autocratic leader and rendering other members ineffective or mere ancillaries in the group.

In a place where there is no love, unity will be an issue of the past thereby making success a difficult, if not impossible, phenomenon. When there is disunity, people will be full of deceit, hatred, self-centeredness, lackadaisical behavior towards others and finally people start looking out for other people’s errors and deficiencies. In the absence of unity, issues are usually attacked with aggression which makes nearly every issue raised to result into a chronic disagreement and this invariably gives room to conflict to become master of all. There is nothing like ‘Half-unity’, it is either you are united or you are divided.

Unity rides on the wings of love: unity thrives only where love is present. It is impossible to agree with one’s enemy but very possible when it is a friend. If with God nothing shall be impossible and God is love, then, we can conclude that with love nothing shall be impossible.


  •  Agreement

Every man on this planet ‘Earth’ that sees sustainable success as his or her utmost aim must learn not to forsake his or her source. I.e. agree with his or her source, provided that he or she derives his or her root from God. Remember that, no one has ever, can ever, or will ever be at loggerheads with his or her creator and go far in life; His will is supreme. Note that you cannot contend with the architect of your life- God, and materialize. If you want to be the god of your generation, then you must learn to abide with God (this is the only way to becoming god-personified i.e. His mouthpiece). Remember that individual person will stand on their own on the last day. The man you claimed to have imitated will never show up in the last day on your platform to plead on your behalf.

  •  Do not risk the future of your family today or now.

For your Family to invest so much on you it means that they really want something good to come out of you but it will be so painful if the amount of effort you are investing does not match with the investment your family is making or has made on you, irrespective of your pursuits. Why would you be deceived to consume your future while it is yet ripe? You may not understand the real value of what you are getting from them until you do not have access to it any longer. You are the one to carry on the legacy after the demise of your parents provided that they are also on the right path. Do not hesitate to give it your best today because failure to do so might make you end up bringing shame upon your family and this might lead to a rancorous and forlorn life. For example, parents sent you to school and all you can do to repay their kind gesture is to have untimely or unwanted pregnancy. Although, you might have hurt them but you have hurt yourself more because such pregnancy will only become a barricade to the monetary allocation and some other things you often receive from them.

  • Prune your mouth, countenance and behavior

You profess to be a saint yet your life still magnetizes dents. You can speak your life into doom or blessing; If your countenance contends with your inward nature or what people can see, success will be a mirage to you. You nurture evil against men of your likeness and you pretend to love them when you are with them, note that your evil will never stop hunting you until it overtakes and destroys you except you retract. Why are your countenance, profession, and behavior in a discord? People find it difficult to believe you because what you nurtures in your heart is different from what you speak while what you releases via you mouth is extremely far away from your behaviour; no correlation. You pray to God to deal with those that withhold your belongings whereas you too find it difficult to let go of other people’s entitlement. If they too should pray the kind of prayer you often pray to God, you are dead.

You cannot continuously cheat others and you think you will receive God’s blessing except you repent- God does not bless those he has cursed.

  •  Adversary

Never agree with your adversary. Agreeing with your adversary is a way giving in. Learn to speak the language of God to your difficulties e.g. I am too conspicuous to be conceal, I am too loaded to be stranded, I am too blessed to be disgraced e.t.c. Many people are fond of speaking about their problems rather than speaking to their problems. If you fail in this area, there is nothing God can say about you that can come to pass except God wants to prove His supremacy to you but when he desires you to agree with him it might be difficult if not impossible.



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