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Women are known to be people upon whom honour and dignities are disposed. They are bestowed with unique grace which carries/possesses some magnetic properties that attract men to them (knowingly/unknowingly). This ‘Grace’ intoxicates men even to the extent that they earnestly and relentlessly look for one (a female) so that they will not only partake of this ‘grace’ (by being in courtship with them) but also enjoy it forever (by marrying them). But it is displeasing and also pathetic these days because the reverse is the case. The so called ‘Carrier of Grace’ have engaged themselves in all sorts of things that can easily contaminate the grace they carry and these can simultaneously bring upon them the wrath of God and the resultant effect of it all might be destruction or the removal of the grace. Whether you are in a hurry or you tarry, you will be loved and get marry to someone someday.


  • Never attempt to mortgage your birthright for a dish of porridge

Do not let what you are looking for push you to do something that can defile your temple; body. See, if you let the level of your thirst determines the way you drink water, you might be tempted to drink contaminated/non potable water with the mindset that it is only for that moment, and after that time, nothing of that nature will ever happen again. Do not give out your pride, honour and dignities in exchange for something that is valueless or of lesser value. Never attempt to soil your pride for brief satisfaction because few minutes enjoyment can bring upon you a lifetime sorrow or remorse; what has been lost in few minutes might be difficult to recover in several years. Do not give out your pride in exchange for something with little or no value or what is not worth it.

Never permit anyone to ridicule you or see you as a cheap commodity and never overestimate yourself either.

  • Do not be teased by what you see

All that glitters is not gold. Take pre-cautions where necessary. Don’t let what you see around you intimidate you to such an extent that you get yourself involved in those things that you take to be of a means to upgrade your status but the result is rather disastrous than you might even envisage or what you actually bargained for. Note that life is not a bed of roses; nothing good comes easy.

  •  Never mind to tarry (wait till your time)

Never hesitate to wait on the lord- He has the best time for every human. Never mind to tarry (wait till your time). Never use the present financial state or status of your counterparts to determine/judge (as a yardstick for measuring your status) the position you are supposed to be. Just know that your friend can never be you. You are a special being created by God- the supreme architect that has numerous pleasant things in stock for man, only if you can wait till your set time. Do not get yourself involved like King Saul just because the prophet (Samuel) tarried and lose your kingdom. Everything in life has its own set time, what favours Taiwo might not really favour Kehinde.

Pray fervently

As the men of the world are earnestly and relentlessly seeking you, so also is Satan/ Devil. He is doing this to trap you down in order not to get that man that is destined for you or the man that your bone is to fit into his ribs.



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