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The future that man pictures will determine the culture he will adopts. Learn to preserve your future from the vulture that punctures so as not to nurture unwanted emptiness.

A man that has no destination never set out for a meaningful journey. There are various routes leading to a single market but a rational being will always want to strive for the one with both minimum distance and cost. Note that a man that sees himself as a worldwide high class businessman will not only fashion himself in a way to compete with people in his immediate environment alone but also embark on incessant development so that he can compete at that world-class level as he has envisaged. Believe me, that success does not just happen accidentally; it is what you conceive that you receive.

No matter how little or docile truth might seems to be, it is capable of dispelling the gigantic potency of ignorance.


  • Conceive not

A man that envisaged a very wonderful future and simultaneously conceives evil towards others might not achieve anything at the end because the evil he nurtures will puncture his future. Deviate from that culture that can hinder your future from becoming a structure that men can behold.

  • Go through

Never attempt to bypass reasonable procedures because others do so as long as it is critical to your survival, it is necessary to follow procedures. Although, you (as others) might all be aiming at the same thing, each person has at his disposal different means of getting theirs achieved. That doesn’t mean that you have the opportunity to emulate their culture arbitrarily especially if it will not make but mar your future.

The fact that people engage others to write an exam for them to get admission to college or contract their project such as final year project of an undergraduate- all being malpractices in different forms, does not mean that you can do the same, not even with the excuse of incessant failure. When you get to the college, won’t you do as others do when you are faced with such a delicate situation? Learn to pay the price once and for all- the price that will not cost you your dignity.

  • Doggedness

You cannot please everyone because any attempt to do so will only culminate into frustration out of waste. Rather, you need to ensure always, that you obtain and access a reasonable portion/percentage of your audience before you exhibit or implement your culture.

  •  Define your culture 

Every goal, every endeavour has its own distinctive culture that guides it towards the realization of its innate purpose.

  • Reverence God

Ensure that God is involved in your adventure. When you do so, be rest assured that G-grace, O- only D- dominates and you will not find it difficult to cope outstandingly in any culture your might find yourself.



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