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The way you present yourself is the way you will be seen by people. Your appearance cannot paint the picture of who you are better than what people have learnt about you. Branding goes a very long way. God has created every being uniquely. Do not add too much importance to yourself all in the name of ‘branding.’ If it is on things that are not genuine, it will fade away in due time. Never attempt to paint the picture of what you have never been in the mind of people in order to gain their approval; it might boomerang.

Do not exaggerate or say what is not because you want to please people either always or at first; that does not make you better but rather improve your skills in fabricating lies. Remember that no amount of pretence can cover up who you are, as time passes by, people tend to learn/know more about your personality. Fascinating words do not completely attract or magnetize people’s interest; let people know you for who you are- but in an acceptable manner.

Note that mushroom only survive in a moist environment. Understand what suits you. Never attempt to run after the shadow of what you have never been.


  • Hatred

Hatred is the resultant effect of every deceptive branding. Once people discover that the person you are (your true personality) is different from what you’ve revealed unto them, and this was discovered in the course of their findings, there is usually a kind of hatred that evolves within them towards you, most especially when you have painted yourself to be a good person but the reverse is the case when they later know.

  • Live a simple life

There are lots of people that man always picture as role model but note that every human being is full of flaws. I wouldn’t say it is not good because it influences one towards the pursuance of one’s goals too, but rather, make God your ultimate role model; let everything people can find in Him be what they can find in you as well. Let people accept you for who you are; don’t live to please man but God. His will is paramount.



An inspirational writer whose zeal is geared towards seeing everyone fulfilling their existence.

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  1. Samuel Oladimeji Kuye

    February 11, 2016 at 8:52 am

    There is actually power of life and death in the tongue according to the Bible. That death may not be systematic but ideological such as death of relevance. Great work sir.

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