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Your word is the rod you have to rule the world. The power embedded in word cannot be underestimated. Whatever you utter is a small seed sown that will surely germinate to become a very large tree and bear fruits. Any word spoken cannot be retrieved or reversed, therefore, note your utterances. Do not speak haphazardly. Your words are not seen (invisible) but has the power to control the things that can be seen (world). Your word is a tool sent to the unseen (metaphysical) world to cause things to happen in the physical. If you are not worded (loaded with the word of God), you will be worthless i.e. taken for granted.

No matter how good, well composed or delivered a message or speech might seem to be, if not backed up by power; it will fail to achieve its purpose(s). The fascinating words of a message are not the one that capture people’s attention and neither do they compel men to long after man of their kind or pant for their presence but the power backing up their words per time. If you are not loaded with the word, the world will lord itself over you and situations of life will show forth to cart away your lots. If you are not vast in the word, you might end up becoming the last among your counterparts. If your wealth (academic brilliancy, material prosperity, financial buoyancy e.t.c.) has blinded your eyes to the fact that you need to learn how to address people with utmost decency, thinking that your wealth is enough to earn you their respect, note that people will only be attracted to you or be compelled to tolerate your idiosyncrasies because of what they want to receive from you.


Where is thy staff?

A man without authority is like a king without crown or Shepherd without rod.

Without staff, the sheep will take the presence of a shepherd for granted. Also, the staff of a king in a particular place connotes His presence and whatever message delivers by the person holding the staff to another party, even when the king is not there, will always be ratified by the king because the rod commands authority. Man is not fit to lead when that which is needed to impact lives has not been located.

Connect to the source

If the people around you or afar off accord so much respect unto you because of the position you occupies or your beauty (because you are as beautiful as peacock), once they discover that you do not have the right words to address individual situation as it unfolds itself, you will look so awful to them even than a dung. Even if you are made the CEO of any reputable organisation and you do not have the right words to relate freely with your subordinates, you will in no time lose your relevance and this will in turn leads to making you an object of ridicule (laughing stock) among your subordinates.

Man’s word is the rod he/she has to rule the world. For man’s word not to lose its value, it must be continually seasoned with salt; God. Do not use your honey-coated words to ensnare men. Word can transform, explode, impact, incarcerate, deliver and sustain lives. But to know the type of word to speak per time, man must subject himself totally to the leading of God.

Understanding the season and time to speak the needed word is not only by just connecting oneself to the source alone but by also maintaining a very sound relationship with the source. Note that this does not come by in a day but the kind of relationship man has created overtime with the source will determine how well he will enjoy Him.


Growth is not a day job. Note that there are different categories of foods for different stages of development, therefore, make the word of God the basis of your growth.

If you are not loaded with the word of God, you can fall by the sword of the world. The word of God in you will prevent you from being deceived by the word of the world. Your word determines the strength of your faith. If you don’t have the “word”, the world will limit your worth; dictate the extent to which you can go in life.

Never murder

Not until when you slaughter with either a dagga or machete that it can actually be concluded that you have murdered. Note that your words can either elevate or bring about a retrogressive change into human lives. Your advice can go a long way in people’s life, therefore, never attempt to forsake them when they need you the most.

Also, sow seeds into people’s lives. Praying/interceding for people is a means of sowing the seed of word into the lives of people. Intercession goes a long way, never forsake it



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