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For you to bless others, you must have been blessed. You can never impact lives without you being impacted. The life of a follower is usually a reflection of what a leader carries. If you have never met with a leader before and you are privileged to come across his/her follower, you can understand the countenance of the master. Many people think that blessing people are only done through monetary things; believe me, that’s a wrong perception.

Blessing people can come in any form such as money, advice, prayer, word of God, word of knowledge e.t.c. but the point I’m raising here is that for you to teach others, you must have been taught, for you to inspire others, you must have enough inspiration, for you to bless others, you must have been blessed. It is pertinent to stress that anyone that wishes to teach others must not be reluctant to submit himself/herself totally to learning/being taught overtime for perpetual relevance. It is better not to assume any leadership position than to get there to expose your inadequacies; shame will be the order of the day.


• Be empowered

If you are not loaded, you might be displaced and replaced shortly. For every new position man finds himself, there is always a particular level of authority that man must possess in order to properly execute his assignment. If man therefore lacks this, his administration will be full of flaws and lives will never be impacted or be impacted wrongly. Do not be reluctant to surrender yourself to adequate grooming because it contributes immensely to one’s ability to perform well.

Never shy away from incubating yourself (Reloading process)

For any level of capacity, there is always a new level of grace attached to it; never fail to search out yours. For you to sustain your relevance, you must not shy away from reloading yourself. The higher you go, the more you become noticed; therefore, any error committed by you will be so glaring. Get yourself prepared always! If you are not loaded enough you might end up not being shown to your audience. No one is ready to entertain anyone with stale information; it bores. Note that your audience(s) will only be bound to you or you will only enjoy the loyalty of your audience when you have the key to the solution of their problems.

A fruit tree becomes a noble tree among other creatures that it feeds only when it gives fruits with an unbeatable taste as at when due. No one will be willing to listen to you if they discover you have no new revelation.

You need to have a special time that you will constantly separate yourself to your creator to seek his face so as to know what you are to do next. Many people fail in life because they fail to ask questions. A moment of incubation is time to hear your creator speak new things to your hearings for better performance when you get to midst of people created in your likeness.



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