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The growth of men is not restricted to the continuous/incessant intake of daily meal through their respective buccal cavity but it also has an unfetter link with the hotness or coldness of their environment (situations) they find themselves. Unrestricted growth leads to undisputed maturity. Man cannot approach the level of maturity except he/she keeps growing. A continuous intake of needful resource leads to continuous growth, and in turn, man metamorphoses into maturity. A man that remains unreceptive to teaching is prone to the debilitating effect of stunted growth and such a person can never materialize as a matured person because “Dwarfism” is a critical phenomenon that hides men from monumental opportunities. To get to the top, you have to keep toping-up your potentials irrespective of situation. Any attempt by man to get slack in this aspect renders man obsolete.
Do not give attention to those that will not add value to you because their acceptance into your life will only amount to your life experiencing a down-swinging growth. Note that keeping such calibre of people in one’s life will be critical to one’s growth because one’s life will be full of “Noise” simply because they are not needed. Note that everybody is not to be involved before one can become successful in life- you only need those that matter.

Maturity is an adequate and sufficient license to opportunities- no one will be willing to hire an infant even if he/she is loaded with virtues, when it comes to a legally binding contract. The reason for this is that no one can sue an infant for any form of negligence because an infant is not recognized by law, in most cases, if not for necessities, for a legally binding contract- beware! A baby that is being fed with milk and now crying for morsels will surely suffocate. The type of opportunities that comes your way is basically determined by your level of maturity overtime. Nobody will ever attempt to commit very huge resources into the hand of an infant.

Many lives have fumbled and crumbled and this has eventually doubled their problems because they never wanted to humble themselves before the living God- submit their wills. Do not be too sure of yourself, acknowledge God in all your ways. Let every opportunity you are presented with go through rigorous screening by discussing it with God in prayer. Do not permit your mental maturity to ensnare your spiritual sensitivity. Seek God first.


Remember that every minute spent on this planet ‘Earth’ is important in one’s life, therefore, never spend your time like you neither have a destination nor future that you constantly make effort to arrive at. Do not give in to words that will influence you to spend your time on things that will never make you relevant either in the short-run or long-run. Spending one’s time judiciously requires maturity- wisdom is better than power.


Your words per time to whatever happens around you or the way you react to situations whenever it unfolds itself reveals your level of maturity- your words and your attitude reflects your maturity. The way you manage or handle situations irrespective of how critical it is or it might seem to be also depends on your level of maturity. Do not be rash in your decision because it has a way of impacting the generations of the unborn souls- Your sacrifices are not meant to be offered in all places

Many lives find themselves behind bars today because they lack the virtue of words’ management- the reasoning of what to say in each setting (i.e. what to say and where it is to be said). They speak many a times, without caution. Many people have lost the very opportunity that could have transformed their entire lineage/generation into something that people can start thanking God for, on their behalf because of their immaturity in speaking. Begin to speak maturely! Note that speaking maturely is not learnable but you are to grow into it.


Note that maturity cannot be acted like drama! You can never pretend to be matured when you are not but if you think you can deceive people on that, time will surely tell. You can never camouflage/bribe people with your seemingly “accommodative” attitude. Note that situation that will surely be stronger than that which your “maturity” can accommodate will surely surface one day, you have to grow into it.

Maturity is neither a matter of age nor one’s physical appearance but your level of exposition and thinking overtime. Never attempt to live your life on the basis of assumptions; your life has value. Always strive to hold onto the facts.

One can never operate on a level that one has never attained; it might be disastrous. If you do not have what it takes to operate on a particular level and you eventually struggled to get there, you might end up being wounded if you fail to expose yourself to grooming.



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