IDENTITY: Self-esteem or Inferiority complex?

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Self-esteem refers to the way a person carries himself/herself while inferiority complex refers a form conception about oneself that one is inferior to others in some aspect

Many people have been deprived of their rights because they do not know what they are worth. A person that doesn’t know his/her worth will keep running helter-skelter. He who fails to understand what he/she is carrying will just be carried away by the perception or deception of others. You are a different person, created for a purpose, too loaded to be carried away by things around you. Skilled labours in the labour market are not been paid for the effort used in the production process but for the skill and time used that the purchaser of labour cannot provide themselves with
Things to deal with in order to improve your self-esteem 

  • FEAR

Fear is an inordinate trembling that results from a perceived uncertainty about the result of an action or decision to be made.

If you have never tried your hands on some new things, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to determine how well you can perform. Remember that fear of failure amounts to failure.

Failure is a precursor to success– failure is one of the ways of generating new ideas about a phenomenon. Successful people on planet “Earth” are never risk averters but risk takers. Fear of failure has made opportunities to slip across many people’s fingers- they never want to get hurt. Note that negative thinking brings about depression and sorrow and it constantly debars man from taking action even when there is/are chance(s) of succeeding- Defeatist

Failures are never celebrated, you might be helpless today; no one is ready to give you the needed assistance, but your final result will surely be helpful to the development of the society if you can press harder and you will surely be decorated for uncommon celebration. When you are afraid of making mistakes, then, you are afraid of getting the right way of doing things; mistake precedes correction.

Fear is a matter of mind; note that, your mind is a workshop where ideas are fabricated. If lots of things discourage you, then, encourage yourself and press forward; everything cannot always go the way you’ve planned it. Note that those people you are looking up to for help might even be in need of help. The best place to seek help is from God; it is after you have asked and received from God that you can seek and find from man. Also, remember that negative thinking hastily devalues man because it senses failure any time opportunity surfaces while positive thinking elevates you because it makes one to come to a resolution that “I can.”


A man that has not even a modicum of respect for himself can never see a reason why appreciation is crucial. Whatever thing people say about him will always be true to him even when the reverse is the case

A friend once said “I am not being proud, but the issue is that I have a very heavy dose of self-esteem.” If you lack respect for yourself, people will talk you down by their words. A man with a lucid self-respect can never behave like others; they have their own way of packaging themselves, not to deceive others but on something real; they do not cut in when their opinion is not asked for, all because of recognition; they do not dress haphazardly- their dressing always command respect, their dressing is not to lure others; they believe in the worth of their goals.


Inexperience is not a sin, although it shows one’s deficiency in such area, but it only reveals the aspects in which one need to improve.

Invest your time on things that will perpetually increase your value, it therefore gives you an advantage of being on a very high demand. Our society today fall short of its expectation on youths because most of our youths invest most of their times on trivial things that will add little or no value to them. If you constantly make effort in looking for a way to improve your value, you will surely become an asset that people will perpetually pine for his presence. Remember that, organizations only look for human capital not human liability or onus.


An unsatisfied individual will be constantly intimidated by anything glittering they see around them at all times whether or not he has it.

The issue I am raising here is not that one should get satisfied with any unsatisfactory situation one is but the issue is that anyone that lacks this virtue (contentment) will keep running helter-skelter for what is not lost. An unsatisfied person is always driven by his/her senses. They are always intimidated by what they see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Pride in what you know how to do best. Do not say you also want to venture into a particular thing because you see people celebrating your friend that is into it when your own ability has nothing to do with that. The best thing to think of is how to develop your own skill so that you will be ten times better.

Do not always divulge everything about you to your friend because this might be an added advantage to them any time dispute surfaces between both of you. I am not of the opinion that you should not seek advice on issues bordering your mind. Note that, a problem shared is half solved. But what I am insinuating is that you should patiently ruminate on every matters before you unleash them



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