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You are a born solution

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If you are not needed, you won’t be sent for! Many people think their parents made a very silly mistake  giving birth to them into such a family. It should be clear that one’s being born into such a family is not an error but a goal accomplished. The culture, universal, is that when a baby is born, people rejoice. The joy, then connotes that “The Saviour” has come. Note that it will be a great disaster to such a family at the end if you could not fulfill that which you’ve been called for. You are indeed precious and priceless. Never attempt to fail God; never attempt to disappoint this generation; never dash the hope of your family.

God has set you ablaze so that you can make a change. Do not hesitate to break the chain of unwanted occurrences. Never attempt to wait till when devil lay claims on too many souls. You have been raised to bail the chained souls and prevent devil from taming unbaked souls. Many people groan and agonize- in much pain as darkness covers their lives. They also do not have faith to break loose from the cage wherein they are kept.

If you are not loaded, you are not needed. You’re on this planet because you possess unique solution to the problems facing this generation hitherto. Enough of rehearsal! An empty man is always  a person that has nothing to offer. The different qualifications or certifications you have does not determine how well you can perform or offer. They only give people first  impression of being able to deliver. Qualifications will only serve as a launching pad to a platform where one can fully express and utilize his potentials.
It’s usually odd when highly(ranked) certified give suggestions that causes confusion and metamorphose into critical problems. Equip yourselves with all that is needed to be relevant in any gathering you may find yourself. Never evade opportunities  to get fully equipped for the task ahead. Be ready to pay the price in order to use the knowledge, to make some cash rather than be a trash.

Generation awaits your coming! You are the one they’ve been waiting for! They need you so much that they could not even control the urge to see you any longer. Why would you  keep them in suspense?! You have tarried enough! Hurry up because it is high time you manifested.

Don’t be heartless. Don’t watch this generation suffer and languish in pain when the solutions they need are embedded in you. Many lives are at stake if you refuse to manifest. You are not only born to fulfill your wish but also to attend to others- contribute to lives’ issues, when you are down, they are down, you, up, they are also up.

Why would you be deceived to devour your future when it’s yet to ripe? Don’t think that there will be  light of hope for you in the future (although there may be) when there are many lives waiting to see you manifest in order for them to spring up.

You have been called upon for a purpose! Do not hesitate to get this purpose established. You have been called upon to put  smile on people’s faces. Generations have waited eagerly to see you come up stage to make a change or cause a change to happen.



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