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Your altitude, stunted-ness, sustained retrogression in growth, is a function of latitude.

Many had clamored for freedom even when they are not matured to stand alone; they will surely dry off in a matter of time.

Nigeria was at that stage before independence. Some tried to justify their uncooperative act with the master during the process of incubation; they never wanted to be pruned or tutored.
Your latitude will either bring altitude or expose you to ‘multitude’ of wounds. A young man/lad that is not properly fed with milk at the required stage might struggle with proper development of some certain hormonal duct and as he grows.

PARENTS: many sons and daughters have seen their parents as sources of hindrances to them because they love to critically look into whatever things that happen to them, but these ones will never appreciate.
They get teased when the freedom they desire is not forth coming or even as envisaged. It is a pity because they may never know how important parents are until they lose them.

Source: The reason that man still sustains his ability to flourish is his source; all that man can achieve without  God  is failure. When God  factor  is not present  in man’s  life,  man’s  life becomes  odd.  Note that soldiers retire and likewise  policemen but thieves  are evergreen  and never do they  retire.

Accuser  of men is still on the field  going about always  waiting  for  man to ask God  to relinquish  His  ownership  over His life,  and once this  is achieved, he strikes.

FREEDOM OR FREE-DOOM: this is a very pertinent  question  that every individual  must ask himself  or herself.  No man receives  his/her freedom and still  depends on the master  for continuous  and constant  supply  of his/her needs, it is not done!

A person  that demands freedom  must be ready to shoulder  the responsibility  attached to his/her duty.  For man to get better,  he must be ready to learn better, and for man to get the best,  he must not be reluctant  to learn the best from the master. The day you gain freedom  from learning is the day your  value  begins to downsize.



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