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In a place where trust is missing love becomes a sojourner and as a result of this success might be difficult to sustain. Man cannot just profess to love someone without trusting him first; it is a deception.


(1) Time: time is not expected to be a factor determining the level of man’s trust. Man’s level of trust should not be  mood that swings; you are either in or out but never in-between.

(2) Judgment: for man to be in good terms with people, you have to learn how to trust people’s judgment. Previous occurrence or past experience that man has been through might have made it critical for man to trust men of their kind any longer for their words. Remember that the more you think about it is the more you get yourself hurt; get rid of such experiences because it will affect your thinking and relationship with people.

(3) God: the situation surrounding man can  change the God’s counsel towards man if we fail to follow His leading; we have to love Him. The people around you that you see as friends might have turn to fiends; you might have been pressed on both sides; people you believe, give so much respect to and trust might have betrayed your trust; life might have exposed your vision to an inexplicable jeopardy but all these do not change the will of God for man’s life.

Time has never change His will but His sayings per time might vary and all these are towards the achievement of His will.

(4) Conclusion: never make haste in concluding that someone had betrayed your trust without finding out the reason why the person had to do so; it might be for the betterment of you; but it must not be diabolical



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