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No man can be better than his/her relationship because man’s relationship defines him better. Being in relationship with the ungodly will surely results in ungodliness.
The relationship that man is into will determine what he/she will portray or what they will constantly show forth

Plan well: all in the name of “love”, you engage yourself in all sorts of things that do not befit the glory of God.You want to please your partner by living a sophisticated life and by so doing, you search for money by hook and crook means, this will surely have a deadly end.

Learn to live a very simple life by disclosing your true status to him/her rather living under the shadow of what you have never been because the more you do that the more you hurt yourself. Break loose from such chains!

  •  It matters: stop running around people that will never aid you in accomplishing your goals.

All they know is dominating every conversation one might have with them with their own issues without thinking of how to get other people’s issues solved. Remember that relationship must be symbiotic

  • Master planner- establish an indestructible relationship with the creator of all in order to be entitled to eternal joy. Man’s relationship with the world can only result into ephemeral joy and the end thereof is rancor. If any branch therefore refused to abide with the entire tree, it will wither because no branch can bring forth fruit if it is being detached from the main source; master planner.



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