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God wants every man to prosper and most especially men of God (those that live according to his standard). God prepares and wants us to persistently live a flourishing life and not a life of mediocrity. There’s always an unusual name reserved for every man of God which is to stand out among many others.

Abraham, Israel, Elijah, Esther, Dorcas, Moses and Jesus were all given a name but Jesus’ name remain the most highly exalted till date simply because of the worth of the solution he provided. Jesus was a great man of God, including men before Jesus, in their time.

Jesus left for heaven that we might come up stage to be the next and new generation man of God. We are not expected to be just a man of God but a mighty man of God (MMOG) and this was evident in the last saying of Jesus Christ before his departure.

John 14:12 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

Every man of God is a prepared replica and an extension of a prior existing man of God in miracle, giving, forgiveness, way of life, teaching etc. Joshua was an extension of Moses; Elisha was an extension of Elijah; Jesus was a glaring extension of all the men of God before his existence. If Jesus could be obedient to the point of death, then, he long that we be more obedient; if Jesus could give without grudging, bless lives without expecting return, be a unique terror to the kingdom of the darkness, shun all form of iniquity, save perishing souls, deprive himself of necessities to be a blessing to generations of people and many more, then, he wants us to be an extension of him; A mighty man of God.

If every creature fails to reverence the name ‘Jesus’, God does not take it for granted. Christ earned the name and honour by obedience that was not found in Adam and Eve.

Only trees that take roots can bear fruits. What blesses you is not your presence (profession) but your obedience; sticking to your standard of creation.

God’s still in the business of giving ‘a name’ to anyone whose life emits His glory (man of God); a name that will be highly exalted by Him and every knee bow at the manifestation of his presence. Men of God do not seek names (relentlessly labour for identity and attention) but God himself give them a name (Isaiah 62:2).

Ideally, men of God don’t seek mortal attention rather remain more committed to their assignment (Godly attention) and mortal crave for their attention; they are supernatural beings that cannot hide themselves because what is contained in them is too conspicuous to be concealed.

When you are a man of God, he will deliver the world to you to rule over (ability to dominate) but if you are a man of the world, you’re far from getting God’s backing. Jonah was a man of God, he won the heart of the whole land of Nineveh; Daniel was a man of God, he ruled over Babylon; Joseph ruled over Egypt as a man of God; Esther ruled over that earlier enslaved her etc.

Note that as a man of God, you’re not exempted from challenges but the moment you balance your faith with what you’re passing through, you are a failure. But rather rule your situation by the promises of God. Jezebel confronted Elijah; Pharaoh struggled with Moses; Goliath was a deadly monster before David; Elymas the socerer struggled with Paul, yet they were all men of God but they all overcame. As the heaven is above the earth so also is God above any odious situation a man of God might encounter.

Devil can give you the earth with an unknown price from the outset but will successfully take away heaven from you.

Don’t because of the silver and gold of the earth strive for the first class ticket of hell. If you long to command an unusual but cheap honour, live as a man of God I.e. the one whose identity is God and life emits the glory of God



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